Synlait Milk Ltd

Synergy of Colour & Energy

Furniture, Bar, Décor, Event Management, Design, Graphic Design, Styling & Draping

The Synlait Milk Ltd Staff and Supplier Conference + Dinners were held at the Air Force Museum again this year. Theme Productions had a great time designing and delivering the event. The theme this year of ‘synergy’ allowed us to drape the Conference hall in white silks for a clean crisp conference look, this emphasised the 2 large LED wall presentation screens, and provided a blank canvas for a dynamic on-brand blue gobo stage backdrop.

Once the day session had concluded, guests were welcomed through to dinner celebrations starting with a white on white effect mirroring the conference look. Large white silk cylinders framed the main aircraft hangar, and giant balloons hung high in the entrance way. Our acrylic bar units glowed brightly, and our round risers were clad with a marble wrap to boost Epic Entertainment Performers.

As the night and entertainment progressed, the room lighting slowly transformed to bold pops of colour. Lighting heightened the atmosphere and space for the final ‘Rio’ themed performance, with the room engulfed in a rainbow of colour.  Thanks to AC Lighting and Pixel Productions for the feature LED column stage backdrop.