Conference Innovators

RMLA Awards Dinner

Chandeliers, Entrance Way, Champagne Wall, Whiskey Lounge, Stage Décor & Table Decor

The Resource Management Law Association Annual Awards Dinner was held within the Town Hall Auditorium this year and Theme Productions was lucky enough to get involved in the ‘Visionary Environments’ theme and branding of the evening.

Guests were welcomed in with our custom branding champagne wall leading into the space, down an astroturf flooring flanked with kentia palms. Once inside, glass chandeliers hung low within the roof for an intimate elegant themed space. Blue floral with lots of green foliage drawn from the branding of the evening, were the centrepieces. The stage décor consisted of our city scape panelling with white silk draping and blue velour fabric drops, that were beautifully lit thanks to Multi Media. Within the foyer an intimate whiskey lounge was created, blue and green fairy-lights glowed as the backdrop for the bar with lots of vintage whiskey lounge details amongst the lounge areas.