Conference Innovators

LGNZ Conference Dinner & Excellence Awards

Entrance Way, Fairy-Light Chandelier, Branded Bar, Table Décor, Crystal Chandelier, Draping

LGNZ celebrated their annual excellence awards on Monday night at the Air Force Museum and Theme Productions was privileged to be part of the gala dinner. Multi Media created a large curved projection screen, matching the double stage with a custom build triangle piece to create a V formation. The stage was arranged for the awards on one half and the band on the other side, providing live ‘Sting’ music. The cluster of cylinder centerpieces glowed throughout the evening, matching the fairy light chandeliers placed at the entrance and either side of the stage. Our new central luxe chandelier was featured as the focal roof décor. Thanks to ETS for the cityscape gobos projected onto the outer walls, adding a soft texture to the industrial style venue walls. A glowing custom branded bar, lit up the end of the room. A large gauze fabric draped off the end of the room, created a subtle screen, whilst added up-lighting onto the aircrafts, incorporated them into the space.

Thanks to Conference Innovators for inviting us along to assist with the design and décor of the awards.