Maia Health Foundation

Garden Party

Staging, Roof Décor, Lanterns, Foliage, Braizer Bar Leaners, Stage Backdrop, Draping & Audio

Theme Productions was proud to support Maia Health Foundation at this year’s Garden Party, held at the Tea Rooms for Canterbury’s premier race day; 1000 Guineas Day at Riccarton Racecourse. It was the place to be.

Pastel coloured lanterns with foliage details, created a soft roof décor within the rooms. A ‘pamper point’ area was created for the Clinique makeup ‘touch up’ station. At the other end, a fairy-light curtain with pastel floral decor for the buffet food area. Brazier bar leaners were placed outside in case the day was cold.  The focal point outside was the fashion show stage layout and all-important topiary wall backdrop, with pastel floral décor and a custom made clear acrylic sign, for ideal photo opportunities. Thanks to ETS for the large 103” TV, placed under the verandah for guests to gather around and watch the races with intent. Speakers were placed inside and out for guests to enjoy background and live music throughout the day and the all-important fashion show commentary.

Thanks again to Maia Health team special shout out to Jo, Anna, Roybn and Michael for inviting us along. We were proud to support such an amazing event with all funds raised going towards Maia’s rooftop helipad project.