Synlait Milk Ltd

First 10 Future 10

Event Management, Draping, Bar, Lightboxes, Furniture, Audio, Decor

The Synlait Milk Ltd Staff and Supplier conference + dinners were once again held at the Air Force Museum. Theme Productions had a great time assisting with the design and delivery of the event. The theme of looking at Synlait’s first 10 years to the future 10 years of Synlait was a great challenge. The Conference Hall was flanked with LED strip panels, around the outer walls. Creating branding and imagery opportunities, while 2 large LED wall presentation screens held core information slides.


Once the day session had concluded, guests were welcomed back to the conference space and encouraged through to the back space with a moving graphic projected onto the LED panels. The Airforce Museum storage space was transformed into an industrial interesting lit space for dinner celebrations. A Scaffolding tunnel with moving lights welcomed guests through to the main celebration area. Our internally lit bars glowed brightly, complemented with our lightboxes placed to the side displaying the drinks and food menus. Epic Entertainment once again put on an epic show for guests to enjoy live performances both artistic and musical. Centered to the room the DJ performed within an old aircraft allowing guest to dance below. Scaffolding towers allowed entertainment to perform from above while guest could enjoy from the comforts of our chesterfield couches and bar leaners. Thanks to AC Lighting for creating a great lighting specular and Pixel Productions for the LED screen special.