Easter Tea Party

Table décor, Theming, Styling, backdrop banner, Flooring, design, Signage design & furniture

It was a Mad Hatters Tea Party at the airport for the Easter weekend celebrations. Theme Productions created a large tea party within the food court of CIAL.
Epic Entertainment hosted the event with face painting opportunities, Easter egg decorating and lots of chocolate treats. A large Alice in Wonderland themed table cloth was custom designed for the event. Bell jars, topiary balls, moss bunnies, tea pots and cups were some of the table décor elements placed on the extra-long table, complementing the quirky table cloth design. Chequered patterned vinyl flooring emphasized the space and added a quirky detail to the tea party table space. A vintage Alice in Wonderland banner served as the backdrop for the amazing Mad Hatter who sat on the throne at the center of the table entertaining the public.

A hanging halo of bird cages, festoon lights and large colorful flowers hung above guests at the table giving a full effect of the Mad Hatters Easter treat. This way or that way whatever way you went, it was a great Easter weekend at the airport.

Thanks to Sam for inviting us along and Epic Entertainment for a fun event we loved being a part of.