Conference Innovators

Bike to the Future Awards

Centrepiece Design, Draping, Entrance way, Fairy-Light Chandeliers, Awards Table & Stage Backdrop

The Asia-Pacific Cycle Congress 2017 held their ‘Bike to the Future Awards’ at The Tannery, and Theme Productions was called in to assist with the awards décor. A glam - gold theme was used to create a lush awards dinner environment. Guests were welcomed in with a billowing white silk and gold fabric draped archway. The table décor featured gold satin runners, with glowing T-Lights and mini cog details woven through fairy-lights. A lounge area was created around the bar, with floor based fairy-light chandeliers, and a range of gold buttoned ottomans. Stage backdrop décor tied in to the theme with gold fabric drops and black silks, which later hosted the band and boogie area.