NZLS Canterbury Westland Branch

A Night at Cirque

Centrepieces, Whiskey lounge, Roof Décor, Silk Cylinders, Fairy-light Chandelier, Mirror Ball Clusters & Furniture

New Zealand Law Society celebrated 150 years, with a grand ball at Air Force Museum later this year. The Cirque du Soleil theme was in full production with amazing aerial performances from Epic Entertainment. Guests were immersed with the action that was enhanced by our giant fairy-light chandelier at the center of the room, with a cascading silks performer within its halo. Mirror Ball clusters hung either side of stage, holding two more hoop aerialists for a night of epic entertainment. Mini chandelier centerpieces glowed all night, with our silk cylinders flanking the walls and with the brilliant ETS’s production, lighting all of our elements. Shipley’s led the way in audio and visual aspects, whilst creating content for our circle screens as the backdrop for the live bands. For those wanting to escape the party a whiskey lounge was created with wooden paneling, chesterfield style couches and rustic décor, with the fire place the heart of it all.

Thanks to all involved for creating such a fun event.